Did you know you could use Astrology as a map?

About a year ago I began to learn how to use personal astrology in my life. It wasn’t by reviewing my daily horoscope either, but by learning more about my natal chart and our current transits. The bigger but more tailored to ME picture.


I’ve spent the last year using astrology for self-discovery and growth. What started as curiosity, turned into a deep desire through this podcast, and Emily Ridout’s help.

She has been my guide and teacher ever since and ps, today she’s Back ❤️

Meet Emily!

Emily Ridout is an AstroYoga specialist committed to sharing an astrology-yoga-mind-body connection with the world.  She is a professional astrologer and yoga teacher that loves making the esoteric accessible and applicable to everyday life.  She offers personalized readings, teacher & personal training, memberships, and basically anything you might need for your own learning. 

Ready To Work With Your Personal Astrology? 
Here are a few ways to start! 

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