Does the thought of plant-based cooking intrigue AND overwhelm you?

Then join the club. About a year ago one of the kids communicated that they no longer wanted to eat meat and asked that I leave it off thier plate. I slid down that emotional scale so freaking fast, it felt like a personal attack. I mean HOW DARE they make my job even harder. This very personal decision, the change my child was asking me to respect and help her with felt like enormous pressure.

PS. I was both right and wrong.

Today I’m joined by the founder of the Vegan Family Kitchen, Brigitte Gemme. To say we sort it ALL out would be an overstatement but my gosh we talk through A LOT of stuff.  You’ll learn what plant-based eating actually looks like, why even including MORE is incredibly good for us and our planet AND what compassionate cooking can feel like. 

You won’t have someone else’s beleifs and choices shoved down your throat but you will get some perspective. Some answers to questions you probably have but don’t know are there. It’s an invitation to step outside of ourselves, our conditioning and see a bigger picture. 

My hope is that when you’re done listening you’re looking at how you approach food and the kitchen a little differently. I know I do after recording and editing this. 

Meet today’s special guest, Brigitte!


After listening to today’s podcast show you’ll learn that Brigitte is passionate about helping more people eat more plants, even if they think they will never go vegan. What you probably won’t expect is she comes from a long line of farmers and used to love rare steak and blue cheese… me too Brigitte, me too.  But as a woman who was always concerned with the impact she had on others and the world around her, in 2015  decided that to reduce her environmental footprint, she was going vegan. 

Today, she is most motivated by the possibility of improving people’s health and vitality by empowering them to cook really good food. She offers meal planning services and online cooking workshops. Brigitte has a PhD in sociology of education from the University of British Columbia and a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from the University of Winchester. She lives in Vancouver (Canada) with her husband and two children, worked in academic research for 15 years but could no longer bear the slow pace of her business Vegan Family Kitchen to help more people eat more plants, and in particular not go looking for the meat. 

And here's Where to find her

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