If you read  this episode title and thought, “Oh boy” Amy’s about to offer some high-value ways we could spend our free time. You’re right.  Actually, that’s a lie. We both know this is about to be a 7-minute pep talk.  Hopefully just in time to TAKE BACK your free time. 
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Is there a difference between how you want to spend your free time and how you think you should? Well, you are listening to episode 75 of Roots Change Podcast and today might be the quick pep talk you need.

I’m Amy, a life and wellness coach. You’re listening to Roots Change, a grow with me podcast every week, myself and others come on to. Something we’ve learned in our own journey in hopes it helps you in yours.

I hope if you hear this, you are having a beautiful, wonderful day. I just caught myself in a little bit of negative self-talk. We all are there from time to time. Our brain likes to offer us things that we don’t have to agree with. It’s Sunday and I have a big list of possibilities in front of me. all the things that I can do. I have an almost empty house. All but one aside from me is gone and I have such freedom!

Sometimes when I have freedom in my day, I feel like I have to get a lot done, but that’s not true. That’s how I feel. And I feel like that because that is what my brain is offering. That is what I have been told. That is what I have then told myself.

That is a belief that I have. I believe that when I have free time, I have to fill it. I don’t wanna believe that anymore. And I honestly don’t and that’s why I wanted to hop on and talk to you about this.

Sometimes we actually start to think things that we no longer hold as truth. Things that we work through, sometimes come back. When people tell us how to live, what’s right, what’s proper, what’s respectful, what’s realistic…

When people start to limit us in our life, it starts pretty young. You don’t have to be a neuroscientist. It’s not even a word? You don’t have to know the things to know this; by the time you’re old enough to own and operate a cell phone and join a social media platform like Instagram, you’re pretty fucking developed.

You already have had a world of influence stacked on top of you. We actually develop most between age zero and three, and then there’s a whole hell of a lot that goes on by the time that we’re seven.

So, take a breath, take a beat.

Know that some of the things that your brain offers, some of the things you believe that don’t feel good, aren’t you at all. They were other people and they were the things that they were taught. The things handed down to them, and it was repeated generationally. But you actually get to decide what you do with your free time.

You know what I’ve done so far? Nothing. Well, one thing that I planned to do, so even if this was the only tangible “check it off, the list” thing I got done, I feel proud today.

I reset my routine and rituals.

I felt called to. I know that astrologically, in our transit… it’s calling us to do this type of work. . So, this morning I felt inspired to reset and my kids go back to school next week. I really thought long and hard about what I want to include in my day. What are the priorities for Amy? What are the things that I need to do to feel, to do, and me at my best.

Turns out I need 160 minutes a day for just me, but that’s not what this is about. This is about the other part. The part that was the free time. The part where I could have filled the void with other things, more “productive” things.

But I did it …also, if you could see me, I’m saying productive in quotation.

This is what I’ve done so far. I stood in that kitchen and I belted like five Natalie merchant songs. I danced. I sang beloved wife which makes me cry… so I did a little bit of that. And then a song started playing in my head. Some lyrics and about moving forward and not knowing what you’re moving forward to. So, I went and I stood in the mirror, pressed record, and I sang it to myself.

That was a whole thing. That’s something that we’re gonna talk about. And then what did I do? Oh, I made this coffee!. I meditated outside. I went for a drive with the windows down and now I think I’m gonna go for a walk.

There’s a reason why I felt compelled to have this little pep talk with myself and you. It’s not because I felt good about the things that I did. It’s because I didn’t. I noticed how I was talking to myself and how I felt.

I’ve been doing things all day in my free time. I’ve just been spending it different than what my brain is telling me I should. And that’s totally fine. I don’t have to have a problem with that and neither do you.

If today, all you did is get up, eat, take a shower and watch Netflix. Do you, boo. That’s obviously what you needed. There is nothing wrong with spending your free time however the hell you want to. When your brain offers you giggly goo don’t just accept it at face value. Know that you get to decide if it’s true. And if you think it is, Hmm, question it. Maybe it’s not.

If you haven’t had a good day so far, now’s your chance to start again.

Roots change. With every choice you make.

Until the next time you are loved, you are worthy and you can achieve anything.

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