Have you ever wished could just pack up all your stuff and start over somewhere new?  

If your insides are screaming YES, have you ever asked yourself what’s actually stopping you? I bet your brain comes up with all types of reasons that sound good. But if you got super honest, it’s more likely that what’s kept you where you are, even when you didn’t want to be there, is you’re just plain comfortable.

People often stay where they don’t want to be, even when it’s not good for them, because the thought of leaving, of making that enormous of a CHANGE, is damn right terrifying.

Today I’m joined by someone decided it was worth it. 

Listen as Amber Hamilton shares how in order to live a great story, she had  to let go of the one that was assumed for her. This episode goes deep, cover’s a lot of ground, and leaves room for SO many more conversations to come. 

Meet Amber Hamilton

Amber is a native Texan turned Michigander on the journey of exploring the infinite abyss that is life and true understanding of one’s self.  Since her move across the country, she’s been performing the work necessary to discover who she is at her core and freeing herself from the cages that women are either placed in by society’s expectations or those that we place around ourselves as a form of protection from the experiences we encounter on a daily basis.  As an additional form of therapy, she’s recently started to document her journey in her new blog, Infinite Abyss.

  1. Amber’s other passions and alternate forms of therapy include music of all sorts, attending live concerts, college football, hockey, sports of any kind really, reading across all genres, and learning to live her life more in alignment with astrology and the universe’s calling.  Deep conversations with friends to discuss life’s meaning and how to solve the injustices of the world, while simultaneously being filled with endless belly laughs never hurt either!  And proper Tex-Mex food, always. She’s also a fierce advocate for the Oxford comma.
Here’s where you can find her! 🡳

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