Hi, I'm Amy

I teach women how to recognize and reroute trauma triggers in a way that doesn’t result in self-sabotage, develop NEW foundations to support sustainable personal growth, and together create a path that helps you see progress quickly.

How I help

As your life coach I show up in a lot of different ways.  My number one priority is seeing you make progress quickly. Check out how I help below.



Choose between premium, online 1:1 or small Group Coaching plans with just the right mix of engaging activities to drive lasting results.



Not everyone likes or needs the support that coaching provides but it doesn't mean they don't find value in the process or the content. Gain access to my best material in well thought out programs. COMING SOON!



There's magic happening and I cannot wait to share it with you! Check back soon for details, they’re coming soon!

Why I help

Short story…because I’ve been there and no longer am. I know first hand how hard it can be to trust in your worth, to dream, and believe those dreams are obtainable after abuse related trauma. I know how triggers work and what what that means for our goals. I also know there’s a bit of unbalance when it comes to personal development. For some of you, the only tools at your disposal may be resources like self-help or self-care books, podcasts, blogs or positive mindset social media groups. As wonderful those are, the type of support that comes along side you isn’t at your disposal. Why? Because time is money and many times, that cost is just too steep.  I’m showing up today because I have gotten results for my own life and am called to do the same for you, despite your economic status. 

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