Hi, I'm Amy

I’m dedicated to helping women move forward in their personal or entrepreneurial journey by encouraging dreams, embracing their authentic self, and developing a foundation that supports sustainable growth. 

How I help

As your life coach I show up in a lot of different ways.  My number one priority is seeing you make progress quickly. Check out the different ways to work with me below.



Choose between premium, online 1:1 or small Group Coaching plans with just the right mix of engaging activities to drive lasting results.



Not everyone likes or needs the support that coaching provides but it doesn't mean they don't find value in the process or the content. Gain access to my best material in well thought out programs. COMING SOON!



When I decided to pursue this coaching thing, I did it to help other people rise. Well, nothing has changed. Roots Change podcast is my way of reaching into the hearts of other humans in hope of inspiring growth.

Why I help

Short story…because I’ve been there and no longer am

I know first hand how hard it can be to trust in your worth, to dream, and believe those dreams are obtainable after abuse related trauma. 

I know how triggers work and what what that means for our goals. 

I’m showing up today because I have gotten results in my life and am called to help you do the same.

Roots Change: a growth WITH me podcast

You are Worthy Strong Fierce Determined

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